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The Lords and Ladies of Veere welcome you



Luxury rooms in a historic setting, at the Quay in Veere, overlooking the Lake ‘Veerse Meer’ or the monumental and characteristics facades and roofs of the old town. 

An unique location to stay.

Quality, service, hospitality, comfort, character, charm and ambiance.


Hotel de Heeren, named after the Lords and Ladies of the Veere house, founders of the beautiful city of Veere.


Sleep under ancient roof-rafters, wake up and look out over the water or dream away in history.


Enjoy a delicious breakfast in the lovely courtyard.
Lunch and dinner at one of our restaurants. Enjoy the delicious, Italian food served at Restaurant 1611 or let us surprise you with the fine dining kitchen of restaurant In den Struyskelder.

Weekend away or midweek getaway

Take a break, relax and enjoy.
Be amazed and surprised.

Romantic for two, but also suitable for families, and small groups.

Each room has a unique ambiance, its own charm and character.

In the rooms you will find images from the Lords and ladies of Veere.
Surprising details, hardwood floors, comfortable beds.
Spacious and comfortable.